We are Marco and Giacomo, two old friends who created Krup studio

I am Giacomo Vesprini:

If it wasn’t for my passion for photography, I would have used my psychology degree. Life can be strange, and sometimes full of Surprises, therefore now I’m a Wedding photographer based in San Benedetto del Tronto. I couldn’t be happier, think that when I’m not shooting weddings, I shoot down the streets for my personal projects.

You can see some of my Street Photography Pictures here. My work has been exhibited in some of the most important festival around the world, likePhotolondonMiamiBrusselsSan FranciscoMilan. I live by the sea with Eleonora, I love her.

I am Marco Romandini

Italian WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHER deeply in love for my family, especially my little son, Michelangelo! My life gave me lots of surprise and weird stuff.. like that day in wich I ran into a mexican pig in a supermarket inFlorence and had the idea for the name of Krup studio.One of the goal of my life is travelling as more as I can, probably that’s why I love destination weddings!

krup studio destination wedding photography & videography in New Zealand

Thanks for being interested in what we do!
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