An Emotional Wedding in Portonovo


Riviera del Conero




In the past few years, the Lives of these two beautiful guys have been quite intense..
Martina’s job led her to move in China at first, then to Spain, Saragozza. In all this flow of places and people, there was one that has always been a constant: his name is Claudio, and every time Martina had to pack, he has always followed her.

I remember when I told Martina, with a bit of wonder “Claudio has to be deeply in love with you to follow you everywhere..”
She replied

“that’s exactly why I am going to marry him; don’t matter where, I know he is here.”

They decide to come back, like all the people with a strong bond with their origins, because their wedding had to be celebrated here, in Le Marche.
The Riviera del Conero is one of the most beautiful places of our region, with its gem like Portonovo and Sirolo. Right at the top of Mt. Conero, in San Pietro al Conero Abbey, they said “Yes, I do”.
The Ceremony has been very emotional, with a light that was nearly incredible!

After, a quick trip to the near Portonovo Beach, driving an Alfa Spider of the Father of Martina, for a sunset like you hadn’t seen for a while.

When we arrived at Villa Boccalini, right below Mt. Conero and with a stunning view over Sirolo, Martina & Claudio were welcomed in a very emotional way.
The Dinner, prepared by Villa Gazzani’s Catering, was delicious!

We would like to say THANK YOU to all the vendors:

Wedding Venue: Villa Carlo Boccolini

Catering: Villa Gazzani

Music: Mauro Rosati & Band

Bride’s Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Groom’s Dress: Luca Paolorossi

Wedding Photography & Films: Krup Studio

We hope you will enjoy this..

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