Wedding in Le Marche Countryside




In a recent (not so) sunny day in the beautiful countryside of Fermo,
in Le Marche Region,
Eleonora & Enrico decided it was time to realize a dream.
A big Dream.

These are some pictures we took with them,
where Love and Friendship meet each other.

After some portrait pictures of Eleonora & Enrico, we used the beautiful
Volkswagen T3 to get some shoot with their friends.

In the pictures below you can see Enrico’s Brother, Luigi, and Beatrice,
their lovely sister.
He’s one of our best friends from a while, since when we lived together in Florence during University.

Elonora’s Brothers, Giacomo, went for a Peaky Blinders style.
I wonder if he had the razor blades under the cap..

Enrico seems to be a good leader, even if his friends didn’t look
very disciplined.

I’ve been teased a lot in setting up this shot, but they couldn’t figure out
what I was planning..

In the end, it was only Eleonora, Enrico,
and their timeless love.

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